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Questions You Should Ask

Dear Prospective Customers,


We suggest the following list of topics should be considered when hiring a contractor for work on your property:


1)       Can they show ownership of Liability Insurance? (Example: If their mower throws a rock through your window, can they pay to fix the problem?).


2)       Do they carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance? (Example:  If they fall and get hurt on your property can they rely on their insurance to take care of them or will they look to you to provide compensation?)


3)       Do they have all the tools and supplies they need or are they relying on you to help them out by using yours?


4)       Are they ethical? (Example: If their snow plow digs up your grass or dumps a pile of gravel on the lawn, will they show up in the spring without asking and fix things?)


5)       Is everyone capable of safely doing the work they are expected to do? Also, with the proper training and supervision you would expect? (We do unannounced drug screening.  The most recent was 5/1/08).


We know you have a lot of pride in your investment here and we strongly believe you deserve the best effort by hard working reliable people.



Northland Specialty Services
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